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Suffix Other uses The concept of "funeral" is a borrowing from Spanish into the indigenous languages, such as in Nahuatl, where the concept of 'xochimitl' is often used. In Mayan, the word for 'funeral' is the name of the youngest son of the deceased. In Anglo-Saxon and certain related languages, 'funeral' meant the end of the barley harvest (from Old English fenumæl, fennymæl, meaning "barley harvest"), and also could mean any harvester of the harvest. It is now generally restricted to a harvest of grain (from Latin fennem or fennem, fennel), especially of wheat. The word 'farmer' also derives from the Old English 'færnhaga' (from færn, meaning "barley"), and likewise has a meaning of "harvester of the harvest". In German, the word is Funeral which may be seen as derived from the Latin word fenum (harvest). The Latin word is fumus, which also has been borrowed into numerous languages, such as Fumus for smoke, fumar or fumare for to smoke and fumarole for smokehole. In Japan, "funeral" refers to a plowman who digs graves for the dead. In the French language, the phrase "les cercueils sont arrivés" ("the coffins have arrived") can mean "the funeral has arrived". In English, "funeral" may be applied to the funerary service held for someone who has died, as well as to the ceremony or commemoration of that event. In particular, the United States and Canada use the term to refer to a funeral, which usually takes the form of a ceremonial service held at a funeral home. In the Afrikaans language, the expression "funerêrei" means funeral, but can also be used to mean a clergyman. See also Passé simple Pluralism Pluralism of speech References Category:Etymology Category:French words and phrasesKansas City-based Discovery Communications — which owns networks including Animal Planet, HGTV, and Discovery ID — is planning to distribute videos of dead whales from the deep of the ocean to the masses of the internet. Instead of





Download Viajero By F Sionil Jose Rar

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