Byroads and Bygones

By director / March 10, 2021

Dragons in Hardin County?

One of my favorite things about museums is you never know what you are going to come across when searching...

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By director / September 30, 2020

Kenton during the “Little Chicago” Days

Kenton is a safe place to live. In 2016, Kenton’s violent crime rate was lower than the national average by...

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By director / June 2, 2020

The History of Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a day when we stop and reflect on the ultimate sacrifice that many of our service men...

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By director / July 31, 2019

A Sad Farewell

Two months ago, while researching my elephant article, I reached out to Chuck Jacobs, former curator of the Hardin County...

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By / June 24, 2019

In Search of an Elephant in Hardin County

It has been said that every legend or urban myth has an element of truth. Before newspapers, books, and the...

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By director / September 26, 2018

When the Circus was in Town

In 1841, P.T. Barnum opened is museum of oddities in lower Manhattan, paving the way for what would be known...

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By director / September 26, 2018

The Hardin County Heritage Farm and the Hardin County Fairgrounds

It has come to my attention that there is some confusion about whether or not the Hardin County Heritage Farm...

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By director / July 5, 2018

Willis Wolfschmidt Flint

Willis Wolfschmidt Flint One of the amazing things about art is that it have the ability to appeal to a...

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By director / May 29, 2018

Jessie Mary Beckman

Jessie Mary Beckman When we talk about artists from Hardin County, our minds mostly go to Fred Machetanz and his...

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By director / March 14, 2018

Dickson Opera House Fire

The Fire that Destroyed the Dickson Opera House I was digging through our files the other day and found an...

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