Beech Grove School

Beech Grove School

The Beech Grove School was formerly called the “McCoy School”. The original school is thought to have been built in 1869 and condemned in 1893. The present building was built in 1893 and formerly located on the southwest corner of SR 309 and TR 105.

Scrubbing the “privies” and white washing the inside walls and ceiling was part of the preparation for the fall term.

Fires were a danger; often a student (with a bucket of water handy) was assigned the job of watching the stovepipe for smoke or fire.
Beech Grove was closed in the Spring of 1937.

Attention teachers and home schoolers!

A Day at Beech Grove School

Give your students a unique opportunity to learn in a one room school house! The Beech Grove School provides the perfect place to immerse your students in what schools were like in the 1890’s!

To schedule a day at the Beech Grove School contact Sheena Striker, Director at the Hardin County Historical Museums, Inc. at 419-673-7147 or