The Burnison Barn

Built in 1914 after a fire destroyed the original barn, the Burnison Barn originally housed racehorses during the Hardin County Fair and was used as a dairy barn. The barn belonged to the Burnison/ Yost family. In 1986, the property in which the barn is located was leased to the Hardin County Historical Society to be used as an agricultural museum. Throughout the years, the barn has seen many different activities such as Heritage Days, Civil War Days, FFA Farm Days, and of course The Hardin County Fair.
In 2013, the roof of the barn was repaired to ensure that the inside of the barn would be protected. In 2014, fundraising began to have a new concrete floor poured throughout the barn. By September 2015, the concrete work was finished thanks to many generous donations and the Hardin County Historical Museums, INC. began to move forward in the process of making the barn available to rent for weddings, graduation parties, family reunions, etc.