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Our ancestors came to this area where there was nothing but forests, wildlife and muck.  Out of this they created villages, towns, farms and what came to be known as Hardin County.  It was a real life survival story and in order to preserve it they established the “Pioneer Society” which gathered artifacts of their life so future generations would have their story. They kept the things that had been important in their lives in a log cabin located on the fairgrounds.

Since that time the relics have been moved—to the Courthouse, to the Dougherty House and finally to the Sullivan-Johnson Museum on North Main Street, fondly referred to as “the castle”.  For well over 100 years, the Daughters of the Revolution (DAR) and the Museum Board have preserved, catalogued, housed, and displayed the artifacts gathered by those first pioneers.

Preservation of the heritage of Hardin County mattered to the early settlers and it should matter just as much to us. Pioneers who placed their history of Hardin County in our hands left us a responsibility to maintain and preserve their story for future generations.

Ever wonder where all that stuff in the museum came from?  What’s it all mean anyway? With our changing economy everyone is asking for money, most of it for good and just causes, but we are asking you to save something that is unique to Hardin County and its families.  No one else is preserving our history—just us!

You can do your part by becoming a member of the Hardin County Historical Museums That’s not asking a lot.  You can do more by also making a donation.  Just what is this story worth to you? To find out how you can help please call the Hardin County Historical Museum at 419-673-7147. The Hardin County Historical Museum is a non profit organization and it has no main source of income. However, the museum does have expenses and other things that cost money. Please help us keep this beautiful museum up and running well into the future. Your donation of time and/or money will be put to good use and will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.